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Project Experience/Portfolio

AM Venture Partners' recent activity includes:

Ondax, Inc. - A Caltech start-up company, Ondax designs and manufacturers components used in fiber-optic communications (www.ondax.com).

UtiliSource - An Internet-based, multi-utility service provider, UtiliSource offers residential and commercial utility customers electricity, natural gas and long distance telephone services online.

TerraTherm - An environmental technology and marketing alliance between Shell Technology Ventures, a subsidiary of Shell Oil Company, and Earth Tech, a subsidiary of Tyco International Ltd. created TerraTherm as a more cost-effective and faster method to clean up contaminated soil and water.

MW Soft - Montgomery Watson, an environmental engineering firm, has established MW Soft to market its first product, H2ONET Analyzer, a state-of-the-art Windows- based water distribution modeling software for AutoCAD.

Xtreme Communications - An Internet portal, Xtreme Communications is an online community for interactive music, gaming, shopping and events.

Data Display Products - Multi-million dollar funding allowed Data Display Products, which designs and manufactures integrated circuitry incorporating packaged LEDs, to vertically integrate and build a discrete LED manufacturing facility.